The Zodiac

Zodiac means "circle of animals" in Greek. It was first used to tell time and then fortunes.

Name: Other Name: Astrological Dates: Most Visible: Prominent Stars: Represents:
Aries The Ram March 21-April 19 October Sharatan, Hamal The ram with the golden fleece
Taurus The Bull April 20-May 20 January Aldebran, Elnath Europa's bull
Gemini The Twins May 21-June 20 January Pollux, Castor The Discouri (twin brothers)
Cancer The Crab June 21-July 22 April Acubens, Praesepe, Al Tarif Herakles' annoyance while trying to kill the hydra
Leo The Lion July 23-August 22 April Regulus, Denebola, Aligba Nemean Lion
Virgo The Virgin August 23-September 22 April Spica, Porrima Astraea (Goddess of Justice)
Libra The Scales September 23- October 22 July Zubeneschamali, Zubenelgenugi Astraea's judgement
Scorpio The Scorpion October 23- November 21 July Antares, Graffias Orion's tormentor
Sagittatius The Archer November 22-December 21 May-September Nunki, Kaus Australis, Rukbat, Arkab Chiron, the centaur
Capricorn The Sea Goat December 22- January 20 July-November Denib Algedi, Algedi, Dabih Major & Minor Almathea, the goat with the Cornucopia
Aquarius The Water Bearer January 21- Febuary 20 October Sadalmelik, Sadalsud Ganymede, cup bearer of the gods
Pices The Fish Febuary 21- March 20 October Al Rescha, Fum al Samakah Aphrodite and Eros

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