Fine Art

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Apollo Greeks Eros Castle Skull
'The Music Lesson' by Rubens The Three Graces The Judgement of Paris Apollo 'The Lady of Shalott' by Waterhouse
Diogenes from Raphael's 'School of Athens' Heraclitus from Raphael's 'School of Athens' Pythagoras from Raphael's 'School of Athens' Plato and Aristotle from Raphael's 'School of Athens' Amor
'Liberty Leading the People' by Eugene Delecroix 'Le Cellier Tryptich' by Jean Bellegambe 'Le Cellier Tryptich' by Jean Bellegambe 'Parnassus' by Andrea Mantegna 'Parnassus' by Andrea Mantegna
'The Discovery of the Child Erichthonius' by Peter Paul Rubens 'The Death of Socrates' Fortuna Fortuna Cornucopia
The Rose Poetry Philosophy Musicians Perseus rescuing Andromeda
Prayer Prayer Chadwick Claude Monet Claude Monet
Breck Minerva and Vulcan Nymphs and Satyr The Son of Brutus The Son of Brutus

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