The Tick

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The Tick logo Arthur Worries A Hero Uh... Tea Time!
Hmmm... Grr! Huh? Neat! The Tick in a Lift
Ooh! Walking Timebomb Son of a Bitch! *ponders* Super Heroes in the Diner
Hey! Swearing Must...Save...City... Crap. Hmm...
*evil grin* WTF? Uh Oh Arthur on the Edge Superweapons Laboratory (Very Deadly)
*thinks* Spoon! The Tick at Work Bored Now An Ambulance
Don't Try This At Home The Tick Growing a Flower Hall of Strange Baking Oddities Sewer Urchin: Score! Arthur is bored
*squee* Science! The Tick tossing a salad Tick in Shadow O.o

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