Terms of Use

I. Graphics may NOT be altered (resizing, cropping, giving the image a border, or making it animated) in any way. If you need a graphic altered or would like permission to alter one, please let Caroline know and she will get back to you as soon as she is able. Usually if you ask you will be given permission or help.

II. MusesRealm.Net graphics can be used by anyone, including commercial sites, providing that they link back to my site (http://www.musesrealm.net). Buttons for this purpose are provided with most web sets (most DiaryLand sets have text links), and additional buttons can be found on the Linking Page. If you are using my LiveJournal Icons you can credit lj user 'musesrealm' in the icon's comments field (type in something like "Icon by < lj user="musesrealm" >").

III. These graphics may not be redistributed, given away, or sold in any form by anyone except the creator. This means you may not display my graphics and then offer them as downloads from your site unless you have permission from me.

IV. You must upload graphic files for this set to *your own* server. If you don't, you are stealing my bandwidth. I have a script running that doesn't allow pictures from my site to show up anywhere except here and a select few other servers. Don't have your own server? Try hosting your images at Photo Bucket. It's free and very easy to use. E-Mail me if you have questions about this, or would like permission to host images on my server. If you ask, I'll probably let you.

WebTV users: Please click HERE for more information about saving and uploading images.

V. If you need help with anything, please ask! I'm more than happy to send you a tutorial or give you personal help if you need it. I'm also willing to make you something just for you if you would like, or hear your ideas for new things.

If you're feeling thankful or generous, I would be happy to accept a donation or gift. This is not manditory or even expected, but several people have asked so...

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Please do not give more than you can afford! A nice email, adding me to your LiveJournal Friends List (my username is musesrealm), or an entry in my guestbook would be lovely as well (and free for you).

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