Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles / Epithets: He Who Hears All Prayers, Hidden One, Father of the Gods, He Who is Concealed, Lord of Time, Lord of the Phallus, Mysterious of Form, Nesu Netcheru ("King of the Gods"), Vizier of the Humble, Voice of the Poor
Alternate Names/Spellings: Amen, Ammon, Amon, Par
Gender: Male

Amun is the Egyptian god of creation, fate, fertility, prophecy, prosperity, spells, and the sun, and the protector of the poor and of travellers. He is said to be able to cure eye problems. His sacred animals include curly-horned rams, elephants, falcons, frogs, geese, and snakes. He is the husband of the goddess Amenti, or sometimes Mut or Amunet. Amun's sacred colours are gold and dark yellow, and his sacred gemstones are amethyst, emerald, sapphire, and turquoise. His main cult centers were Thebes and Hermopolis Magna. Amun was often associated and combined with Ra, and sometimes with Min.

Amun was identified with Zeus by the Greeks (who often combined him with Zeus to form Zeus-Ammon), and with Jupiter by the Romans.

In art, Amun is typically shown wearing a double-plummed headress, a kilt with a bull's tail attached, a feather-patterned tunic, and having a beard. Occasionally he is seen as having the head of a ram, goose, or frog. Aumn's skin was usually coloured either red or blue. He carries an ankh in his right hand and a scepter in his left.

Amun Asha Renu: "Amun Rich in Names"
Amun Kamutef: "Amun, Bull of His Mother"
Amun Kematef: "Amun Who Has Completed His Moment"

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