Pantheon: Egyptian
Alternate Names/Spellings: Hap, Hapi
Gender: Male

Apis is the bull god of flocks, herds, and virility. He was an actual bull born from the union of a virgin cow and the god Ptah. The Apis bull could be identified by Ptah's priests in Memphis by a hawk-shaped mark on it's bottom, a white mark on its neck, the hair at the end of its tail being divided into two sections, and a lump on its tongue shaped like a scarab. The calf was brought to Ptah's temple and allowed to wander the grounds, its movements fortelling the future. When the Apis bull died naturally it was mummified and entombed in the same manner as the pharoah.

In art, Apis appears as a black bull with the solar disc and a uraeus in its horns. He has a white triangular mark on his forehead, and occasionally hawk or vulture wings on his back.

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