Pantheon: Greek, Roman
Titles/Surnames: Acersecomes, Acesius, Apollon, Phoebus
Alternate Names/Spellings:
Gender: Male
Greek Spelling: 'Apollwn

Apollo is the god of archery, athletes, eloquence, fine arts, healing, light, medicine, music, pestilence, poetry, prophecy, and truth. He is the son of Zeus and Leto, and the younger twin brother of Artemis. He and his sister were born on the island of Delphi. The crow and the dolphin are Apollo's sacred animals, the bow and the lyre his sacred objects, and laurel his sacred plant. Amber and Sapphire are his sacred stones.

Acersecomes: "Unshorn"
Acesius: "Healer" - Used in Attica and Elis

Children of Apollo:
Name: Mother:
Linus Urania
Orpheus Calliope

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