Pantheon: Norse
Alternate Names/Spellings: Baeldaeg, Baldag, Baldr, Baldur, Beldeg, Beldegg, Paltar
Gender: Male

Balder was one of the Aesir. He was god of Light, Joy, Piety, Purity, Beauty, Innocence, and Reconciliation. Balder was the son of Odin and Frigg, and father of Forseti by his wife, Nanna. He had nightmares about his own death, so his mother commanded all things to make an oath not to harm him, neglecting to ask mistletoe to partake in the oath because she thought it too small to harm anyone. Jealous, Loki tricked Hodur into throwing a sprig of mistletoe at Balder, and Balder was instantly killed. Frigg begged that Baldur be brought to life, offering whatever Hel, goddess of the dead, wanted for his return. She asked for much, and said it would be done if every thing, both living and dead would weep for Baldur. All things did except the giant Thok, who was really Loki in disguise. Baldur will return to the world after Ragnarok.

Later in the Germanic tradition, Balder was also equated with Wodan. He is also associated with the Slavic gods Byelobog and Balbog.

In art, Balder appears as a handsome man.

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