Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: The Cat of Ra, Eye of the Moon, Eye of Ra, Lady of the East, Mistress of Pleasure
Alternate Names/Spellings: Bast
Gender: Female

Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of animals, childbirth, dance, fertility, fire, happiness, intuition, joy, marriage, music, pleasure, protection, sex, and the sun. She is a protector of pregnant women and the dead. Her sacred animals are lions and cats, especially black ones. Bastet's sacred colour is red, and she represents the direction of East. Her sacred stone is the cat's eye. She is considered to be the daughter of Ra, and, occasionally, the wife of Ptah. She is the mother of Mahes.

In art, Bastet usually appears a a cat-headed woman who is holding a rattle and an ankh. She also appears occasionally as a sitting cat, or as a woman with the head of a lioness.

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