Bona Dea

Pantheon: Roman
Titles: The Good Goddess
Alternate Names/Spellings: Dea Dia, Fauna, Fauna Fatua, Maia, Ops
Gender: Female

Bona Dea is the goddess of chastity and fecundity, the earth and fertility, and healing. She was only worshipped by women, especially during her festival in early December. She is also a goddess of prophecy, but only for women. Bona Dea is Latin for "The Good Goddess". Her "true" name is unknown by any except Bona Dea herself. One of Bona Dea's symbols is the serpent. She may be the wife or daughter of Faunus. Special sacrifices, including young pigs, were given to her in May in the house of the head consul by the Vestal Virgins and important matrons of Rome. No men were allowed in during the ceremony.

In art Bona Dea is depicted with a crown of vine leaves on her head, a scepter in her hand, and a jar of wine next to her.

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