Brownies are helpful household spirits. They love to help humans, but if you anger a brownie it will destroy anything it desires, and may even transform itself into a Bogie. Brownies tend to live with individual families for long amounts of time, and are very loyal to this family. It is bad luck to lose or anger the family brownie. They will sometimes disappear if they are seen by a human, are given human clothes, or are baptised. Brownies can be befrended by offerings of bread and cream left for them to find instead of being given them in person as they enjoy their privacy. They have a special friendship with bees, though they are friendly with all animals. Robin Goodfellow may be a Brownie. Names of known brownies include Aiken Drum, Maggy Moloch, Mieg Moulach, and Puddlefoot.

Brownies like to dress in brown and have shaggy brown hair. Some have been known to have two nostrils but no nose, webbed fingers or toes, or hands like mittens. They are humanoid, but are much smaller than humans, standing about a yard tall when fully grown.

Brownies are also spelled Broonie, Brouny, Browney, and Browny.

Pantheon: Celtic


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