Pantheon: Roman
Alternate Names/Spellings: Fanus, Fatuus, Fauna, Fauni, Inuus
Gender: Male

Faunus is the god of crops, herdsmen, forests, and oracles. He invented herding, hunting, and animal husbandry. Faunus protects all those who work with animals, especially hunters and herdsmen. He is capable of inducing a terrible sense of panic in men. Faunus can reveal aspects of the future to his followers in dreams and voices in his sacred groves. He was worshipped during the Lupercalia, and on February 13th and December 5th. Faunus was often associated with Pan. He is the son of Picus. Faunus may be the same god as Inuus; Inuus may be the name given to Faunus during the Lupercalia.

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