Pantheon: Etruscan, Roman
Alternate Names/Spellings: Muliebris, Primigenia, Univirae
Gender: Female

Fortuna is the goddess of fertility, luck, chance, fate, and fortune. She is symbolized by the wheel of fortune. Fortuna's main festivals were held on May 25th and June 24th. She had a temple in Rome in the Forum Boarium, and an oracle at Palestrina.

In art, Fortuna often appears standing or sitting on a round globe holding a cornucopia in one hand and a ship's rudder in the other. Occasionally she has wings. She can also be seen with Pluto in her arms.

Fortuna Augusta: "Luck of the Emperor"
Fortuna Balnearis: "Fortune of the Baths"
Fortuna Bona: "Good Fortune"
Fortuna Conservatrix: "Fortune Who Protects"
Fortuna Equestris: "Fortune of the Knights" -- festival on August 13th
Fortuna Huiusque Diei: "Fortune of the Present Day" -- festival on July 30th
Fortuna Mala: "Fortune with a Beard"
Fortuna Muliebris: "Fortune of Women"
Fortuna Obsequens: "Indulgent Fortune"
Fortuna Primigenia: "Fortune the Firstborn" -- festival on November 13th
Fortuna Publica: "Luck of the People" -- festival on April 5th
Fortuna Redux: "Fortune the Home-Bringer" -- popular with soldiers and those far from home
Fortuna Respiciens: "Provident Fortune"
Fortuna Romana: "The Luck of Rome" -- patroness of the city of Rome
Fortuna Salutaris: "Fortune of Health"
Fortuna Virgo: "Fortune the Virgin" -- festival on June 11th. The marriage robes of girls were dedicated to Fortuna Virgo.
Fors Fortuna: see Fors

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