Pantheon: Norse
Alternate Names/Spellings: Fraig, Frey, Fricco, Fro, Ingun, Ingunnar-Frey, Ingvi-Frey, Yngvi
Gender: Male

Freyr is one of the Vanir, and the god of Fertility, Rain, Sunshine, the Earth, and Married Couples. He is also the leader of the Dwarves. Freyr is the brother/husband of Freya, and the son of Njord. His ship, Skidbladnir, is large enough to carry the entire world, but can be folded and put into a pocket. Freyr's horse, Blodughofi, can travel through flames and darkness. He also owns a golden boar called Gullin-Bursti that was made for him by the Dwarves.

Freyr is known as Sviagod and Yngri is Sweden.

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