Hathor Cow Hathor

Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: Eye of Ra, Golden One, House of Horus, Lady of Malachite, Lady of the Sycamore, Mistress of Heaven, Queen of the West, The One Who Takes Care of the Deprived
Alternate Names/Spellings: Athor, Athyr, Hat-Hor, Het Heret, Nehem Away
Gender: Female

Hathor is the goddess of many things, including Astrology, Beauty, Fertility, Flowers, Happiness, Intoxication, Love, Marriage, the Moon, Motherhood, Music, Pleasure, Prosperity, Protection, Wine, and Women. Along with Anubis, she represents the direction West. Hathor's sacred animals are cows, doves, hippopotami, lions, lynxes, snakes, sparrows, swans, and vultures. Her sacred colours are bronze and red, and her sacred stones are emerald, malachite, and turquoise. She is the wife of Horus the Elder, though she is also thought to be his mother. Hathor is one of the most ancient goddesses in Egypt, and one of the world's Great Mother Goddesses (and often associated with Aphrodite). Her main temple is in Dendera, where she is worshipped with Horus and Ihi. Later in Egyptian history there were thought to be seven forms of her in various cities scattered throughout Egypt. As a destructive goddess she is known as Sekhmet.

In art, Hathor is depicted many ways, including as a cow-headed woman, a woman (or just a female face) with cow ears, a woman with horns supporting a solar disc, and as a cow. She sometimes carries a sistrum as well.

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