Pantheon: Roman
Alternate Names/Spellings: Ilunnus
Gender: Male

Hercules is the god of victory and commerce. The Romans considered him to be their equivalent of Herakles. His altar, the Ara Maxima, was in Rome in the Forum Boarium. Unlike with other deities, anything could be sacrificed to Hercules. His sacred stones are beryl and opal.

Hercules Custos: "Hercules the Custodian" -- festival on June 4th
Hercules Invictus: "Hercules the Unconquerable" -- festival on August 12th and 13th
Hercules Saegon: "Victorious Hercules"
Hercules Saxanus: "Hercules of the Rocks" -- patron of quarrymen
Hercules Triumphalis: "Hercules Triumphant" -- a statue of this god was decorated every time a triumph was celebrated.
Hercules Victor: "Victorious Hercules"

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