Horus the Elder
Horus the Elder

Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: Horus the Great, Uniter of the Two Lands
Alternate Names/Spellings: Har-Mau, Harsomptus, Heru-ur, Haroeris, Har Wer, Horaematawy
Gender: Male

Horus the Elder is a god worshipped mostly in Letopolis. He is either the son of Ra and Hathor or of Geb and Nut. He is worshipped with Tasentnefert (his consort) and Pnebtaui (his son). As Horaematawy it is believed he sprung out of a lotus blossom, though Hathor is thought to be his adivine mother.

In art, Horus the Elder appears as a hawk-headed man wearing the double crown of Egypt. He can also appear as a man or a serpent wearing the double crown.

Har-Mau / Harsomptus: "Horus the Uniter"

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