These demons are the male verson of the Succubi. They attach themselves to a sleeping woman disguised as a part of their host's body (a mole, birthmark, hair, etc.), only appearing in their true form and size after their host has fallen asleep. They send their victim horrible dreams, and during these dreams they are able to reproduce.

To Protect Against the Incubi:
(An Anglo-Saxon Method)
1. Collect: Bishopwort, Hops, Wormwood, Lupin, Ashthroat, Henbane, Harewort, Viper's ugloss, Heathberry Plants, Cropleek, Garlic, Grains of Hedgerife, Githrife, Fennel.
2. Put them all into a large jar and place the sealed jar under an altar.
3. Sing the Mass over them nine times.
4. Boil them in butter and sheep's grease.
5. Add salt.
6. Strain the mixture through a cloth.
7. Throw the worts into running water.
8. Anoint yourself with the salve on the eyes in the sign of the cross.

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