Pantheon: Egyptian, Roman
Titles: Giver of Life, Great Mother, Mistress of Magic, Ankhat, Anquat, The Female Ra, Lady of the New Year, Maker of Sunrise, Queen of All Gods, Divine One, Female Horus, Light-Giver of Heaven, Kekhet, Khut
Alternate Names/Spellings: Ament, Aset, Ast, Eset, Tcheft, Thenenet, Usert
Gender: Female

Isis Suckling Horus

Isis is one of the best known deities of all time. She is the sister & wife of Osiris, and the mother of Horus. In some early writings of her, she and her brothers and sister were originally mortal, but were deified by the gods. Isis is the goddess of Abundance, Cultivated Land, Death, Dreams, the Earth, Enchantment, Magic, Marriage, Reincarnation, Rituals, and Success. Her sacred colours are Green, Light Blue, and Red, and her sacred plants are Dates, Figs, Heather, and Onions. Isis' sacred animals are apes, cats, cows, eagles, geese, hawks, kites, lions, owls, rams, scorpions, snakes, shpinxes, swallows, and vultures. Her sacred gems are amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, carnelian, coral, emerald, jasper, lapid lazuli, moonstone, pearl, peridot, ruby, sapphire, and turquoise. She represents the direction of North. Isis is the Greek version of her Egyptian name: Eset. She is the personification of feminine power and creation, and is thought to have such great power that she can raise the dead. Although an Egyptian goddess, she was heavily worshipped in Rome (where she was often associated with Venus), and is still one of the most popular goddesses worshipped by modern pagans.

The Buckle of Isis

In art, Isis is always shown as a woman, though her accessories and appearance are not standard. She typically appears wearing the solar disk, and occasionally has wings. She may be wearing the double crown of Egypt with a feather on the back, a horned crown containing the solar disc and two feathers on the back, or the headdress of a mortal woman but with the uraeus on her forehead. Isis also appears as a seated woman suckling her son, Horus.
She also has many symbols, including the Tet (the Buckle of Isis) and Sept (the star Sirius).

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