Pantheon: Roman, Latin
Alternate Names/Spellings: Ianus (Latin), Matunius Pater
Gender: Male

Janus is the god of beginnings and endings, and doorways. His festival was held on January 17th. The Romans named January, the first month of the year, after Janus, and dedicated January 1st to him. The doors to his temple in the Forum in Rome were only closed during times of peace. He is the first god named when praying, and the first god to recieve a sacrifice. Janus is also considered to be the first god, and the father of Fons by Juturna. As a god of sea passages, he is the husband of Venilia. Cakes are the proper sacrifice for Janus.

In art Janus is seen as having two faces: one facing forwards and one facing backwards, both bearded. He is also represented with a key and a staff.

Janus Bifrons: "Janus with Two Faces"
Janus Clusivus: "Janus Who Closes Doors"
Janus Pater: "Janus the Father" -- creation god
Janus Patulcius: "Janus Who Opens Doors"
Janus Quirinus: a god of the doors of peace and war
Matunius Pater: the first god invoked each morning

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