Pantheon: Roman, Latin
Titles: Matrona, Virginalis
Alternate Names/Spellings: Iuno (Latin)
Gender: Female

Juno is the goddess of beginnings, light, marriage, homes, and childbirth. She is the consort of Jupiter. Juno had festivals on July 1st and September 13th, and the first day of each month was dedicated to her. She is the Roman evolution of Uni, and is often associated with Hera. The cypress tree is sacred to her. Common sacrifices for Juno include flowers, pigs, white cows, and white sheep.

In art, Juno appears on coins seated on a throne with either a scepter or an orb in her hands. Occasionally she is seated in a temple, and occasionally has birds, snakes, crows, or jars around her. Juno Sispes is portrayed in art wearing a helmet of goatskin and horns, shoes with turned up toes, carrying a spear and shield and riding in a chariot.

Juno (Junones, pl) is the name of the guardian spirit each woman has. Genius (Genii, pl) is the male equivalent.

Juno Caeoestis: "Celestial Juno" -- the main diety of Roman-occupied Carthage
Juno Caprotina / Capratina: a goddess of fertillity worshipped during the Feast of the Serving Women
Juno Curitis / Curritis / Quiritis: "Juno of Spearmen" -- goddess who protects spearmen. Her festival was held on October 7th.
Juno Februa: goddess of motherly and matrimonial love
Juno Infera: a name for Proserpina
Juno Lucina: goddess of childbirth and light. She was worshipped during the Matronalia.
Juno Martialis: "Juno of March" -- her festival is on March 7
Juno Moneta: "Juno of the Money"/"Juno the Warner"/"Juno the Advisor" -- goddess of money whose temple was on the Capitoline in Rome. She was worshipped in festivals held on June 1st and October 10th.
Juno Opigena: goddess of childbirth who protected women in labor
Juno Perusina: "Juno from Perusina"
Juno Populona / Populonia: "Juno of the People" protectress of soldiers and warriors, and the protector of marriage
Juno Pronuba: goddess of marriage
Juno Regina: "Juno the Queen" -- part of the Capitoline Triad, whose festival was held on September 1st.
Juno Sispes Mater Regina: "Juno the Savior, Mother, and Queen" -- the main goddess of Lavinium.
Juno Sororia: "Juno the Sister" -- goddess who protects young girls hitting puberty. Her festival was on October 1st.
Juno Sospita / Seispita: "Juno the Savior" -- goddess of protection, fertility, and healing.
Juno Sospita Mater Regina: Juno the Savior, Mother, and Queen -- goddess of protection and fertility
Juno Stygia: a name for Proserpina
Juno Suspes: protectress of The State

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