Pantheon: Roman, Latin
Alternate Names/Spellings: Diespiter ("day father"), Iovis, Iove, Iupiter (Latin), Iuppiter (Latin), Jove, Saturnius ("son of Saturn")
Gender: Male

Jupiter is the god of light, the skies and weather. He was the main protector of the ancient Roman state. Anywhere lightning strikes is sacred to him. Jupiter is often associated with Zeus. His main festivals were held of March 15th, May 15th, and October 15th, though he was worshipped during many other festivals as well. Many gods from occupied or conquered lands became associated with him, and their names were added as an epitaph to his (like Jupiter Digus). Jupiter's sacred stone is topaz, and his sacred colour is white. White animals are the most common sacrifice to Jupiter, and his priests wore white clothes.

In art, Jupiter is sometimes depicted with a spoked wheel, especially in occupied Celtic lands.

Jupiter Capitolinus: "Jupiter of the Capital" -- part of the Capitoline Triad. The Ludi Romani were dedicated to him, and his festival took place on September 13th.
Jupiter Conservator Orbis: "Jupiter, Savior of the World"
Jupiter Custos: "Jupiter the Custodian"
Jupiter Dapalis: god of boundries
Jupiter Dolichenus: the very popular Roman fusion of Jupiter and Doliche. He is associated with Baal.
Jupiter Elicius: god of thunder and rainfall
Jupiter Feretrius: his symbol is the oak tree.
Jupiter Fulgor / Fulgurator: god who threw lighting and thunderbolts. His festival is on October 7th.
Jupiter Heliopolitanus: "Jupiter of Heliopolis"
Jupiter Imperator: "Jupiter the Commander" -- his statue from Praeneste was set up in Rome between the temples of Minerva and Jupiter
Jupiter Invictus: "Jupiter the Unconquered" -- his festival is on June 13th.
Jupiter Lapis: "Jupiter of the Stone" -- god of lightning. Stones used to make oaths on are sacred to him.
Jupiter Latialis/Latiaris: "Jupiter Latinum" -- the protector of the Latins. His festival is the Feriae Latinae.
Jupiter Liber: god of creativity. His festival is on September 1st.
Jupiter Libertas: his festival was held on April 13th
Jupiter Lucetius: "Jupiter, Bringer of Light" -- his consort is Juno Lucetia
Jupiter Opitulus: "Jupiter the Helper"
Jupiter Optimus Maximus: "Jupiter the Best and Greatest" -- This version of Jupiter is the chief god of the Romans. His consort is Juno Regina, and his main festival is on September 13th.
Jupiter Pistor: "Jupiter the Baker" -- god of bakers
Jupiter Pluvius: god of rain
Jupiter Praedator: "Predatory Jupiter" -- spoils of war are dedicated to him -- he decides who loses and gains the spoils of war
Jupiter Prodigalis: a god of destinies
Jupiter Propugnator: "Jupiter the Champion"
Jupiter Stator: "Jupiter, Stayer of the Rout" -- This version of Jupiter helped people, especially soldiers, stand their ground. His festivals were held on June 27th and September 5th.
Jupiter Tonans: "Jupiter the Thunderer"
Jupiter Tonitrualis: "Jupiter the Thunderer"
Jupiter Triumphator: "Jupiter the Strong" -- he is shown crowned by a laurel wreath
Jupiter Victor: "Victorious Jupiter" -- his festival was held on April 13th.

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