Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: High of Plumes, The Moulder, Lord of the Crocodiles, Lord of the House of Sweet Light, Governor of the House of Life, Lord, Lord of the Land of Life, The Potter God
Alternate Names/Spellings: Khnemu Khenti Netchemtchem Ankhet, Khnemu Khenti Per-Ankh, Khnemu Khenti-Taui, Khnemu Neb, Khnemu Neb-Ta-Ankhtet, Khnemu Hehep, Khnoumis, Khnum, Khunum
Gender: Male


Khnemu is the god of arts, crafts, creation, fertility, The Nile, and water. He remained popular throughout the Egyptian era, and was also important to the Gnostics. He was originally worshipped in Elephantine, along with Anukis and Satis, but became important throughout Egypt. Khnemu used a potter's wheel and created first the cosmic egg that hatched the Sun and then men and the gods. It is he who protects unborn children, and gives them strength and health. One of Khnemu's interesting aspects is that he can combine with Ra, Shu, Geb, and Osiris to represent the five elements (this may be a Gnostic invention). His sacred animal is the ram. Khnemu's consort is thought to be either Menhyt or Neith.

In art, Khnemu is usually represented as a curly-horned ram-headed man wearing a headdress with feathers, the solar disc, and the uraeus. Occasionally he is shown without a headdress, or with just the uraeus. Often times Khnemu appears while working at his potter's wheel.

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