Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: God of the New Moon, He Who Travels, He Who Traverses the Sky, The Navigator, The Wanderer, He Who Crosses the Sky in a Boat
Alternate Names/Spellings: Chons, Chunsu, Khensu, Khensu-Ra, Khons
Gender: Male

Khonsu is the god of Exorcism, Fertility, Healing, Love, The Moon, and Regeneration. His sacred animals are baboons, cats, and falcons. Khonsu helps women and cattle in conceiving, and has the ability to protect mortals from evil spirits on the earth, in the sky, and in the sea. He was one of the earliest gods of Egypt. In later myths, Khonsu is thought to be the son of Amun and Mut.

Khonsu was originally regarded as bloodthirsty, cannibalistic, and violent god, one who killed and consumed other gods in order to absorb their powers. He later became part of a Theban triad with Amun and Mut, and became a much more well-known and benevolent deity.

In art, Khonsu typically appears as a mummy wearing a scullcap with a crescent lunar disk. The mummy may have one arm exposed. He can also appear as a falcon-headed man seated on a throne and wearing the lunar disc with the uraeus, or the solar disc with the uraeus and feathers. He may or may not be holding a crook and flail. Khonsu may also have a sidelock that shows his status as a young man.

Khonsu Heseb-Ahau: "Khonsu the Decider of One's Lifespan"
Khonsu Em-Waset Nefer-Hetep: "Khonsu in Thebes" --> Appears wearing the double crown of Egypt and holding a scepter and an ahkh.
Khonsu Pa-Ir-Seker: "Khonsu the Provider"
Khonsu Pa-Khart: "Khonsu the Child"
Khonsu-Ra --> Wears the solar disc and carries a stylus.

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