Pantheon: Roman
Alternate Names/Spellings: Lases
Gender: Male

The Lares are gods of the Household. Every household in Rome had its own Lar which was given offerings on all holidays and special occasions. The Lar had a shrine located near the hearth of the home. The Lares were worshipped with Vesta and the Penates. The Lares were worshipped by themselves on the Kalends, Nones, and Ides of every month, and on June 27th and December 22nd.

Lares Augusti: "Lares of the Emperor"
Lares Compitales: "Lares of the Crossroads" -- worshipped during the Compitalia.
Lares Familiaris: "Lares of the Family" -- protectors of the household.
Lares Permarini: "Lares of the Sailors" -- protectors of sailors.
Lares Praestites: "Stand-By Lares" -- protectors of the state.
Lares Publici: "Lares of the People" -- protectors of the state.
Lares Viales: "Lares of the Roads" -- protectors of roads.

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