Leprichauns are some of the most well-known creatures from Celtic mythology. They appeared as small old men with grey beards and twinkling eyes. They originally were thought to wear red coats with silver button, brown pants, black shoes with silver buckles, and a green pointed hat. Leprichauns often wore white aprons and a hammer, stemming from the belief that Leprichauns were shoemakers. The modern dress of a leprichaun is in all green, stemming from his association with St. Patrick's Day. Leprichauns love to play tricks on humans, especially those humans who search for their hidden pots of gold. It is said that if someone can catch and hold onto a Leprichaun then the Leprichaun will give his stash of gold to that person.

Leprichauns are related to faries. They are excellent secret keepers and will never tell a lie, although they don't always tell the whole truth.

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