Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: Eye of Ra, Lady of the Judgement Hall, Mistress of the Underworld, The Mother, Lady of Heaven, Queen of the Earth
Alternate Names/Spellings: Maa, Maat, Maati, Maet, Maht, Maut, May'at
Gender: Female

Ma'at is the goddess and personification of fate, harmony, judgement, justice, order, reincarnation, and truth. Her sacred animals include Elephants, Ostriches, and Vultures. Ma'at's sacred colour is red, and her sacred stones are emerald and jade. Her husband is usually thought to be Thoth. When the ancient Egyptians died they believed that their heart would be weighed against a feather, which represented Ma'at. If their heart was heavier than the feather, their soul was thought to be too heavy, and they would be cast into oblivion. If their soul was the same weight as the feather then their soul was free to travel into the afterlife. This weighing of the heart is shown in many tombs and in funerary texts.

In art, Ma'at appears either a a woman with an ostrich feather on her head, in her hand, or with it as her head. She also appears as simply an ostrich feather.

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