Pantheon: Roman
Titles: Gradivus, Ultor
Alternate Names/Spellings: Mamers (Oscan), Maris (Etruscan), Marmar, Marmor, Mavors, Silvanus
Gender: Male

Mars is a god of war, boundries, and agriculture, and was one of the Romans' main deities. As such, he had many sacred spots and temples, including an altar in the Campus Martius in Rome. In Celtic lands, Mars was also often seen as a god of healing and protection. Wolves and Woodpeckers are sacred to Mars, and onyx and sardonyx are his sacred stones. Fig trees and oak trees are also sacred to him, as are spears and shields. His main festivals took place in February, March, and October, though there were many more held throughout the year. The month of March is named after him. Mars is the son of Juno, and the husband of Nerio. His priests are known as the Flamen Martialis. Apollo, Neptune, and Mars were the only three Roman gods to whom a bull could be sacrificed, and sacrifices of bulls, boars, and rams were often made to Mars at the same time.

In art Mars appears as a man with a shield and spear.

Mars Alator: "Mars the Huntsman"
Mars Caturix: "Mars, King of Combat"
Mars Condatis: "Mars of the Confluence" -- a Celtic version of Mars as a god of healing.
Mars Gravidus: "Mars the Marcher"
Mars Invictus: "Mars the Unconquerable" -- his festival was held on May 14th
Mars Pater / Marpiter: "Mars the Father" -- the month of March is sacred to him, and March 1st was considered to be his birthday.
Mars Quirinus: a peaceful aspect of Mars
Mars Ultor: "Mars the Avenger"

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