Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: God of the Eastern Desert, Lord of the Foreign Lands
Alternate Names/Spellings: Menu, Min-Hor
Gender: Male

Min is the god of Crops, Fertility, Harvests, Male Sexuality, Roads, and Travellers. His sacred animal is the white bull, and he represents the direction East. His main cult centers were in Coptos and Panopolis, where he was honored during the harvest festivals with an offering of the first of the wheat crop. He was also honored by those who were travelling through the desert. He is sometimes associated with Horus, Ra, and Pan. Min is one of Egypt's earliest gods. His consort is Quadesh.

In art Min appears as a man wearing a double plummed crown with a streamer on the back, and a fully erect Phallus, which he holds with his left hand. He is usally holding a flail in his right hand. Min's legs are always shown as being held together very tightly, and his skin colour is always black.

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