Mut Mut

Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: Eye of Ra, The Great Sorceress, Lady of Thebes, Mistress of Megeb
Alternate Names/Spellings:
Gender: Female

Mut is a creator goddess as well as the goddess of marriage, motherhood, and the sky. Her sacred animals include Cats, Eagles, Lions, and Vultures, and her sacred stones are Agates, Opals, Pearls, and Star Sapphires. Mut is one of the wives of Amun Ra.

In art, Mut is usually shown as a woman with a vulture headress, and carrying an ankh and a scepter with a papyrus or lotus blossom on the top. She may also appear with a lion's head, lion claws, the feather of Ma'at at her feet, a man's head, or an erect phallus.

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