Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: Lady of the House, Mistress of the Palace, Protector of the Dead, The Revealer, Mistress of the Gods, Great Goddess, Lady of Light, Sister of the God, Lady of Heaven, Mistress of the Two Lands
Alternate Names/Spellings: Nebet Het, Nebet-Hut, Nebthet
Gender: Female

Nephthys is the Greek name of Nebthet, goddess of dark magic, dreams, enchantment, intiution, mysticism, peace, prophecy, and protection. She is the sister/wife of Seth, and the mother of Anubis by her other brother, Osiris. Nephthys went against her husband by helping her sister, Isis, find Osiris' remains after he had been cut asunder by Seth. Her sacred animals include apes, dogs, hawks, horses, kites, snakes, sphinxes, and vultures. Nephthys' sacred plant is the lily, and her sacred stones are pearls, rubies, and star sapphires. Nephthys represents the direction West along with her son, Anubis.

In art Nephthys appears as a woman with her name written above her head or as a kite bird.

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