Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: Foremost of the Westerners, He Who is the Gods' Tent, King of Kings, Lord of All Things, Lord of the Living, Lord of the Underworld, He Who is Always Happy, Ruler of Eternity, The Terrible One
Alternate Names/Spellings: Asar, Meni-Ret, Neb-Er-Tcher, Onnophris, Unnefer, Unnofre, Urt, Usir, Wenen-Nefer, Wenenefer
Gender: Male

Osiris is the Greek name for Usir, a Creator God, and also a god of Abundance, Death, Dreams, Reincarnation, Rituals, and Vegitation. He is the father, by his sister/wife Isis of Horus, and of Anubis by his sister, Nephthys. Animals sacred to Osiris include Apes, Bennu Birds, Bulls, Crocodiles, Osen, Pigs, Rams, Sphinxes, and Vultures. His sacred colours are Black and Green, and his sacred plants include Grains and Ivy. Topaz and Quartz are sacred to Osiris, and he represents the direction East.

Tet Pillar

In art, Osiris usually appears as a green-faced mummy holding a crook and flail, and wearing a crown on his head. He can be sitting or standing. He may also appear as the Tet pillar, or with black or white skin.

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