Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: The Father of Beginnings, The Divine Artificer, Great Leader of the Craftsmen, Lord of Memphis, Lord of Truth, Merciful of Face, The Opener, Sculptor of the Earth
Alternate Names/Spellings:
Gender: Male

Ptah is a creator god, the god of crafts, and one of the oldest gods in Egypt. It was he who gave the gods their powers, and he who created the world by the command of his words. Although he was worshipped all over Egypt, Ptah's primary cult center was Memphis, where he was worshipped along with Sekhmet and Nefertem. He is the most important god after Ra, Amun, and Osiris. The Apis Bull is Ptah's living incarnation. The Greeks associated him with Hephaestos.

In art, Ptah is often depicted as a straight-bearded, mummified man holding a sceptre, an ankh, and the Tet. He wears a cap on his head instead of a crown.

Ptah Khery-Bak-Ef: "Ptah Who is Under His Moringa Tree"
Ptah Neb-Maat: "Ptah, Lord of Truth"
Ptah Nefer-Her: "Ptah, Merciful of Face"
Ptah Res-Ineb-Ef: "Ptah Who is South of His Wall"
Ptah Wer-Kherep-Hemu: "Ptah, Great Leader of the Craftsmen"

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