Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: Bringer of Light, Father of the Gods, Golden One, Horus of the Horizon, Ruler of the Sky
Alternate Names/Spellings: Neb-Er-Tcher, Phra, Re
Gender: Male

Ra is the primary sun god in Egyptian mythology, and he is also a god of Creation, Destiny, Magic, Prosperity, Rituals, and Spells. He has many sacred animals including Bennu Birds, Beetles, Bulls, Cats, Cobras, Falcons, Geese, Hawks, Lions, Phoenixes, Rams, Sparrows, and Hawks. Ra's sacred colour is gold, and his sacred gems are tiger's eye, topaz, and yellow diamonds. He represents the direction East. Ra is thought to be a creator god because his solar disc appeared above the primordal waters, thus signifying the beginning of all. He makes a nightly journey through The Underworld, where he is protected by all manner of spells and other gods. When he emerges in the morning, a new day begins. Ra is associated with many other gods, especially Amun and Horus.

In art, Ra usally appears as a man with the solar disc on his head, a falcon-headed man, or as a ram-headed man, though he has many other forms.

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