Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: Eye of Ra, Lady of the Bright Red Linen, Lady of the Flame, Mistress of Life, The Powerful One, Smiter of the Nubians
Alternate Names/Spellings: Sakhmis, Sechmet, Sekhair, Sekhaiut, Sekhautet, Sekhem
Gender: Female

Sekhmet is a goddess of battle, courage, destruction, fire, plagues, revenge, and war. She is the personification of the power and might of the Pharaoh during battle. Her sacred animals include cats, lions, and other felines. Gold and red are Sekhmet's sacred colours, and she represents the direction South. Her sacred stone is cat's eye. She may be the destructive aspect of either Bastet or Hathor. Sekhmet is the daughter of Ra, the consort of Ptah, and mother to Nefertem. The hot desert winds are said to be her breath.

In art Sekhmet appears as a lion-headded goddess with the solar disc and/or the uraeus on her head. Her clothing is usually red, and she often holds a papyrus sceptre.

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