Pantheon: Egyptian, Greek, Roman
Alternate Names/Spellings: Asar-Hap, Asar-Hapi, Hapi-Asar
Gender: Male

Serapis is a god made from combining Osiris and Apis, as well as most of the other major Egyptian and Greek gods. He is not an ancient god, rather one created during the reign of Ptolemy I. He is the god of the afterlife, fertility, the divinity of the pharaoh, healing, and the sun. Serapis was popular among the Romans as well as the Greeks and Egyptians. His consort is Isis.

In Egyptian art, Serapis appears as a bull-headed man wearing the solar disc, horns, and the uraeus. In Hellenistic art Serapis appears as a bearded man wearing Greek style clothing and hair, and having a crown of wheat. He may also have ram horns.

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