Thor's Hammer

Pantheon: Norse
Titles: The Fighter
Alternate Names/Spellings: Akethor, Aku-Thor, Donar, Einridi, Hloride, Hloridi, Hlorrida, Hlorridi, Lorridi, Lothurr, Thunaer, Thunar, Thunaraz, Thunor, Vingthor
Gender: Male

Thor is one of the Aesir, the god of Fertility, Thunder, Lightning, Protection, The Sky, The Household, and Pesants. He is one of Odin's sons, and husband of Sif, though he has many children with many different women. Thor is always in battle against the giants, and acts as humankind's protector against almost all foes. He lives in his palace, Bilskirnir, in Thrudheim. Thor's hammer, Mjollnir, always hits whatever target it is thrown at, and always returns to Thor's hand. It is so hot that Thor must use gauntlets to hold Mjollnir, and cannot cross the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, for fear of melting it.

In art, Thor is seen as a burly, bearded, blazing-eyed, red-haired man in a broad-brimmed hat. He is usually depicted with his hammer in his hand.

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