Pantheon: Egyptian
Titles: The Elder, Heart of Ra, Lord of Books and Learning, Lord of Holy Words, Scribe of the Gods, The Measurer, The Self-Created, Judge of the Two Opponent Gods, Scribe of Justice
Alternate Names/Spellings: Asten, Dhouti, Mau-Taui, Shepes, Techuti, Tehuti, Thaut, Thouth, Thouti, Wep-Rehewy, Zehuti, Zhouti
Gender: Male

Thoth is the god of Astrology, The Arts, Books, Creativity, Divination, Fate, Healing, Invention, Knowledge, Learning, Magic, the Moon, Peace, Prophecy, Rituals, Speech, Time, Wisdom, and Writing. Animals sacred to Thoth include Apes, Baboons, Dogs, Ibises, and Jackals, and his sacred gem is the Opal. Ma'at and Seshat are sometimes counted as his wives. Thoth is the personification of Ra's heart and tongue. He gave life to The Dead.

In art, Thoth appears as an ibis or an ibis-headed man.He sometimes wears the lunar disc on his head, or a headdress with a feather/lunar disc. He may also appear as a seated baboon with the lunar disc on his head. Thoth also carries a stylus and a palette for writing.

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