Vampires are some of the most studied of all magical creatures, and there are many different types from all around the world.

The Western Vampire:
Western vampires are known by many names, including Vampires, Nosferatu, Strigoi, and Dracul. They are the most studied of all vampires. Western Vampires have no real need for rest, but when they do sleep they do so in a coffin with soil from their homeland. They drink human blood, and need it to survive. Vampires from the West cannot exist in sunlight. They do not have reflections, and do not cast a shadow.

Most of the conceptions for the popular modern vampire legends come from Dracula, a novel by Bram Stoker. One of the inspirations for his novel was Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess who reportedly drank and bathed in blood in order to keep her beauty and her youth.

African vampires that have hooked feet. They drink blood from their victims' thumb.

Malaysian vampires that appear to mortals as skunks. They tend to prey upon the same family for generations, and can be controlled by a sorcerer.

Baobhan Sith:
The Baobhan Sith are the old Scottish form of vampires. They appear as beautiful young women who kill men by dancing with them until the men are too weak to resist their powers.

Ch'ing Shih:
A Chinese vampire that has poisonus breath. One can escape the Ch'ing Shih by spilling rice on the ground; the Ch'ing Shih has a need to count any spilled rice that it comes across.

A type of Tibetan vampire.

Vampires from Austria.

The Empusa are vampires from the Mediterranean region, and are related to
incubi and succubi. While they hunt they appear to be beautiful young women. When they have finished feasting on the blood of their victims they turn into hags.

Jaracara are snake-like vampires from Brazil. They do not drink blood, but instead drink the breast milk of sleeping women.

A type of Tibetan vampire.

Vampires from Bulgaria. They are most easily identified by the fact that they have one nostril. In order to destroy a Krvopijac a magician must capture its spirit in a bottle and then burn it.

A type of vampire from North America.

The Mulo are vampires from Serbia. They can travel in sunlight and darkness, and drink not only their victims' blood but their flesh as well.

An ancient type of vampire from Wallachia (the old name for Romania).

A name for Eastern European vampires.

Bohemian vampires.

Vampires from Romania.

Wampirs come from Russia. They do not use fangs to drink the blood of their victims, but use a special stinger that is located under their tongue. The Wampir can walk around in the daylight, and must be burned in a special way to be killed.

Vampires from India are said to look like old women, but have two heels on each of their feet.

**Keep in mind that some of the items on the following lists are ideas created by people living in very superstitious and imaginative times and situations**

Ways to Kill a Vampire:

  • Driving a stake through its heart
  • Shooting it with a silver bullet
  • Getting it to go into the sun
  • Decapitating it
  • Burning it
  • Drowning it in salt water
  • Coercing it into a corked bottle and then burning it

    Things that will Ward-Off a Vampire:

  • Christian Cross
  • Holy Water
  • Bells
  • Garlic

    Ways to Keep a Vampire in its Grave:

  • Surrounding the grave with iron filings (or any iron items)
  • Putting garlic on the grave
  • Driving nine spindles into the grave three days after the person had died
  • Putting a fence around the grave
  • Buring tow on to of the grave
  • Making a pile of stones on top of the grave
  • Pouring boiling water onto the grave

    Ways to Keep a Corpse from Becoming a Vampire:

  • Breaking its spine
  • Putting lard from a hog slaughtered on St. Ignatius' Day onto it
  • Decapitating it and putting the head in a strange place or destroying it
  • Disolving the corpse's heart in Vinegar
  • Putting a stake into its heart
  • Putting a nail into its skull
  • Covering the grave with a wild rose bush
  • Burying it at a crossroads (but only if it was a suicide victim)

    Ways to Become a Vampire:

  • Being bitten by a vampire
  • Drinking the blood of a vampire
  • Being burried with ones mouth open
  • Comitting suicide and not being buried at a crossroads
  • Dying excommunicate
  • Dying unbaptized
  • Dying while recovering from being a werewolf
  • Comitting sucide
  • Dying from a fall off the left side of a wagon
  • Having a mother who slept with demons

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