Werewolves are humans changed into wolves. This change can be total, with the person being completely wolf-like, or it can be a partial change, with the human growing hair all over their body and growing a snout and claws, but still retaining their basic human shape. This change usually takes place around the full moon.

A person can become a werewolf by being bitten by a werewolf, or by stabbing a fallen tree with a copper knife and reciting an incantation alone in a forest.

Werewolves can be killed in several ways, including shooting it with a silver bullet, hitting it over the head with a cold iron rod, forcing it to eat salt, making it drink Holy Water (this only works if the werewolf was/is Christian), or submerging it in salt water. All cures are most likely fatal.

Werewolves are also known as Lycanthropes, Gerulphus, Loup-garous, and Orborots.

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