Zombies are truely creatures of magic. They are mortals who have been cursed and thus turned into the "living dead". They are not truly dead, as they can be revived, but the victim usually dies soon after revival. Zombies are popular figures in the Voodoo religion, and can only be summoned by a Bokor (a voodoo sorcerer).

Ways to prevent someone from becoming a zombie:

  • Strangling their corpse
  • Beheading their corpse
  • Cutting the corpse open
  • Shooting bullets (especially silver ones) into the brain of their corpse
  • Poisoning their corpse
  • Allowing their corpse to decompose before it is burried
  • Burying their corpse on its stomach with a dagger in its hand
  • Sewing closed the mouth of their corpse
  • Putting things into their coffin to distract their corpse if it was ever summoned by a bokor

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