Goddess Egyptian Gods

This in only a very small list of the deities in Egyptian Mythology. It was very common in Egypt (and in many other cultures) to combine gods to create new ones, reconcile deities from different areas, or to show different aspects of a major god. One example is when you combine Hathor with Isis you get Sekhmet, the goddess of war and destruction. As such, new gods were being created by simply combining aspects of the others.

The Divine Family Tree

Deity Descriptions

Name: Domain: Symbol: Center of Cult: Consort: Gender:
Aker Guardian of Sunrises and Sunsets Two lions ---- ---- Male
Amaunet Hidden Power (Primordial) Snake Hermopolis Magna ---- Female
Ammut (Amam, Am-mit) "Devourer of the Dead" Part Crocodile, Hippopotamus, and Lion Thebes NONE Female
Amun Air, Wind, Fertility; King of the Gods Ram, Goose, Hawk, Man Thebes, Hermopolis Magna Mut Male
Anat * War Woman w/ spear & axe & shield ---- Baal Female
Anubis (Anpu) Funerals, The Afterlife, Magic, Cemetaries Jackal, Dog Cynopolis, Lycopolis, Thinis NONE Male
Anukis (Anuket) Cataracts, Hunting Woman w/ feathered headdress & papyrus scepter Elephantine Khnum Female
Apis Fertility Bull Memphis NONE Male
Apophis (Apep) The Underworld, Darkness, Chaos Serpent ----- NONE Male
Arensnuphis * ---- Man with feathered crown Philae ---- Male
Astarte * War Naked woman w/ bull's horns riding a horse ---- ---- Female
Aten Everything Solar Disc Tell el-Amarna NONE Male
Atum creator god Snake, Man w/ double crown Heliopolis ---- Male
Baal * Skies, Storms Man w/ cedar tree, pointed beard, & horned helmet ---- Anat Male
Baba Agression & Virility Baboon ---- ---- Male
Banebdjedet Virility, Skies Ram Mendes ---- Male
Bastet (Bast) Sexuality, Childbirth, Joy Cat, Lion Bubastis NONE Female
Bat Fertility Necklace w/ Female head w/ cow's ears & horns Upper Egypt ---- Female
Benu Rebirth Heron Heliopolis ---- Male
Bes Good Fortune, Protection, Childbirth Dwarf, Lion ----- NONE Male
Buchis ---- Bull Armant ---- Male
Duamutef Guarded the Stomach & Upper Intestines of the deceased Jackal ---- ---- Male
Geb (Keb) "The Earth", "The Great Cackler", Fertility Human, Goose The Delta, Heliopolis Nut Male
Hapy Nile Floods Human, Water, Lotus Aswan, Gebel el-Silsila ---- Male
Hapy Guarded the Lungs of the deceased Baboon ---- ---- Male
Hathor "The Eye of Ra", Fertility, Inebriation, Joy, Love, Music, Dance Cow, Woman w/ cow ears/horns Dendera, Deir el-Bahri Horus, Ra Female
Hatmehyt ---- Fish Mendes ---- Female
Hauhet Floods (Primordial) Snake Hermopolis Magna Huh Female
Heket Childbirth Frog Qus ---- Female
Herishef Creator (Primordial) Longhorned Ram w/ sun-disc Herakleopolis ---- Male
Horus Divinity of the Pharoahs, The Blind, Skies Falcon The Delta, Edfu, Hierakonopolis, Behdet Hathor Male
Hu Authority, Divine Words Man ---- ---- Male
Huh (Heh) Infinity (Primordial) Frog, Man holding a palm rib ---- Hauhet Male
Ihy Children Sistrum, Child Dendera ---- Male
Imhotep Medicine, Wisdom Man w/ papyrus & skull cap Memphis, Thebes ---- Male
Ipy (Ipet) Protection Hippopotamus Thebes ---- Female
Ishtar * "Lady of Battle", Sexuality, Fertility, Healing Woman ---- ---- Female
Isis Magic Woman Egypt Osiris Female
Imsety Guarded the Liver of the deceased Man ---- ---- Male
Kauket Darkness (Primordial) Snake Hermopolis Magna ---- Female
Khepri (Khepra, Khepera, Kheper) Sunrise Scarab Heliopolis NONE Male
Khnum (Khnemu) Water, Creation, Pottery, Cataracts, Agricultural Fertility Ram Philae, Elephantine, Esna NONE Male
Khons (Khonsu) Moon, "Wanderer" Falcon, Child, Moon Thebes NONE Male
Kuk Darkness (Primordial) Frog Hermopolis Magna ---- Male
Ma'at (Mayet) "That Which is Straight", Balance, Law, Truth, Order White Ostrich Feather Egypt NONE Female
Mafdet Protection from Snakes & Scorpions Woman, Panther ---- ---- Female
Mandulis Sun Man w/ sun-disc crown w/ cobras & feathers Philae, Kalabsha ---- Male
Mehen Protector of Ra Serpent ---- ---- Male
Mehet-Weret "Great Flood", Skies (Primordial) Cow ---- ---- Female
Meretseger (Mertseger) "Peak of the West", "She who loves silence" Cobra Western Thebes ---- Female
Meshkenet Childbirth, Destiny Brick w/ woman's head ---- NONE Female
Mihos ---- Lion Leontopolis, Bubastis ---- Male
Min "Chief of Heaven", Fertility, Sexuality, Rain, Mining Ithyphallic Human, Lettuce, White Bull Panopolis, Koptos, Akhmim ---- Male
Mnevis Oracles Bull Heliopolis --- Male
Montu War Falcon w/ headdress / sun-disc Thebes ---- Male
Mut Heaven, Motherhood Vulture, Cow, Cat Thebes Amun Female
Naunet Water (Primordial) Snake Hermopolis Magna ---- Female
Nefertum ----- Lotus Blossom, Lion Memphis, Buto ----- Male
Neith War, Hunting, Guardian of Men and Gods, Weaving Human, Bow & Crossed Arrows, Shield & Crossed Arrows, Cow Sais ----- Female
Nekhbet Protectress of Upper Egypt Vulture El-Kab, Upper Egypt ---- Female
Neper Grain Man ---- ---- Male
Nephthys (Nebhet) "Lady of the House", Sterility, Protection, Funerals Woman Kom Mer Seth (Set), Osiris Female
Nun (Primordial) Man, Baboon, Frog Heliopolis, Hermopolis Magna --- Male
Nut "The Sky" Woman, Cow Heliopolis Geb Female
Onuris Warriors, Hunters Bearded Man This ---- Male
Osiris Vegitation, Lord of the dead, Fertility, the Afterlife, Rebirth, Agriculture Human, Mummy Busiris, Abydos Isis Male
Pahket ---- Lioness Beni Hasan ---- Female
Ptah The Rising Sun, Creation, Craftsmen Human, Shaven Mummy Memphis Sekhmet Male
Qadesh * Sexuality, Ecstacy, Sensual Pleasures Naked Woman on a Lion ---- ---- Female
Qebehsenuef Guarded the lower intestines of the deceased Falcon ---- Male Male
Ra (Re, Rhra) The Sun Hawk, Solar Disk, Uraeus Heliopolis (Many) Male
Renenet The Harvest, Toddlers, Nursing Women Cobra Faiyum NONE Female
Reshef (Reshep) * War Man, Gazelle ---- Male Male
Sah "Orion" Man ---- ---- Male
Satis (Satet) Fertility, Protectress of the Southern Border Woman w/ Antelope Horns Elephantine Khnum Female
Sekhmet (Nesert, Sakhmet, Sekhet) Power, War, The Sun, Healing Lion Memphis Ptah Female
Serket (Selket) Pharoah's Throne, Anti-Evil, Funerals Scorpion ----- NONE Female
Seshat (Sesha) Reading, Writing, Math, Architecture, Libraries Panther Skin, Human, Palm Branch, Seven-Pointed Star ---- Thoth Female
Seth (Set, Suetekh) Evil, Darkness, Wind, Storms, Chaos, Infertility, The Desert Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Black Pig, Dog, Jackal, Conglomerate of Animals Memphis, Ombos Naqada Nephthys Male
Shay Destiny Man ---- ---- Male
Shezmu Wine, Oil, Underworld Demon Man Faiyum ---- Male
Shu Air, "Eye of Ra" Man, Lion, Feather Heliopolis, Leontopolis Tefnut Male
Sia Intellect, Divine Knowledge Man ---- ---- Male
Sobek (Suchos, Sobki, Soknopais) Pharoah's Power Crocodile Crocodilopois, Kom Ombo, Thebes, Lake Moeris, Faiyum NONE Male
Sokar Herbs, Funerals Hawk, Mummy w/ Horns Memphis NONE Male
Sopdet (Sothis) "Sirius" Woman w/ Star on her head ---- ---- Female
Tatenen Receding Floods Man w/ Ram's Horns & Double-plumed crown Memphis ---- Male
Taweret (Taurt, Thoeris, Reret) Childbirth, Pregnancy, The Household Part Hippopotomus, Lion, Crocodile, and Woman Thebes, Deir el-Bahri NONE Female
Tayet Weaving Woman ---- ---- Female
Tefnut Moisture, "Eye of Ra" Lion, Ram, Cobra, Spitting Lips Heliopolis, Leontopolis Shu Female
Thoth (Tehuti, Djehuty) Writing, Wisdom, The Moon, Scribes, Astronomy, Medicine, Knowledge Ibis, Baboon Hermopolis, Eshmunen Maat, Seshat Male
Wadjet (Edjo) Protectress of Lower Egypt Cobra, Lion Buto ---- Female
Wepwawet Guide of the Dead, "Opener of the Ways" Jackal Assiut NONE Male

* = deity introduced to Egypt (non-native)

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