Egyptian Deities Crossord Puzzle

Egyptian Deities Crossword Puzzle
1. Cat goddess
3. Goddess of truth
6. God of herbs and funerals
7. Lion goddess of power & war
9. Cow goddess of fertility, music, and inebriation
11. Akhenaten's god
13. Goddess of weaving
16. Hawk headed god; son of Osiris and Isis
17. Crocodile god
19. Goddess of magic and fertility; the consort of Osiris
20. Goddess of war
21. Scarab beetle
22. Consort of Seth, and goddess of protection and sterility
2. Brother of Osiris, and god of sterility
4. Serpent god & enemy of Ra
5. Guards the liver of the deceased
8. Ibis headed god of writing
10. Cobra goddess
12. Vulture goddess who protected the Pharaoh
14. Jackal headed god of funerals
15. God of air & fertility; often combined with Ra
18. God of fertility and the dead; often portrayed as a green faced mummy
23. Sun god

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