Greek Folk Magic

This page has information on Greek folk magic. I haven't seen any web pages about the subject, though I have found some information in various magic books that I own. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, merely an interested presenter. As with all magic, perform with your mind open and at your own risk (i.e. please use common sense!). Anything that is particularly dangerous or violent I have marked with a red asteric "*" and should not be attempted.

Arbutus was used to exorcize demons.
Aster was placed on the altars of all of the gods.
Bay leaves were chewed and the smoke inhaled by the Pythia of Delphi to induce prophetic dreams.

Amethysts, when placed under the tongue, would prevent drunkeness. Light amethysts would darken in the presence of alcohol.
Jewelry made with blue glass beads would protect the wearer from the evil eye.
Carbuncles protect children from drowning.
It was thought that amulets of Hemetite would protect against wounds and inspire courage in battle.

Anyone with blue eyes was safe from the evil eye.
Phallic amulets were said to protect against the evil eye.