The Labors of Herakles

1. Nemean Lion - strangled to death

2. Hydra of Lerna - cut off its 9 heads while Iolaus burned the stumps- buried the immortal head and dipped arrows in the blood

3. Bronze-hooved Stag Cerynitis - Bring it to Eurystheus

4. Erymanthian Boar - Bring it alive to Eurystheus

5. Augean Stables - cleaned in 1 day by diverting a river

6. Stymphalian Birds - scared them and killed them with the hydra-poisoned arrows

7. Cretan Bull - Bring it alive to Eurystheus

8. Diomedian Horses - Fed them the flesh of their master and thus stopped their cravings for human flesh

9. Hippolyte's Girdle - Bring it to Eurystheus' daughter- he killed Queen Hyppolyte of the Amazons by accident

10. Geryon's Cattle - Bring them to Eurystheus-he killed Geryon and Orthos to get them

11. Hesperdian Apples - Bring them fo Eurystheus Atlas picked them

12. Cerberus - bring him alive to Eurystheus