The Greek language belongs to the Indo-European group. It is one of the languages that most other Indo-European languages are based on--the other main one is Latin, which was derived from Greek. The Greek language is comprised of bits and pieces from the many tribes that the Hellenes conquered, including the Doric and Ionic languages.

Greek Alphabet:
Our modern alphabet is based on the Roman alphabet, which in turn is based on the Greek alphabet. Also, most of our English syntax and pronunciation is rooted in Greek.

Letter Name Pronunciation
A a alpha a (that, father)
B b beta b
G g gamma g
D d delta d
E e epsilon e (tent)
Z z zeta zd
H h eta e (aeroplane)
Q q theta th
I i iota i (hit, machine)
K k kappa k
L l lambda l
M m mu m
N n nu n
X x xi x or ks
O o omicron o (hot)
P p pi p
R r rho r
S s sigma s
T t tau t
U u upsilon u = y
F f phi ph
C c chi ch
Y y psi ps
W w omega o (porter)
' (as the 1st character) "H" sound
' (Over the 1st letter) no "H" sound