The Muses

The Muses are the daughters of Zeus and Mnenosyne. It is said that Zeus slept with Mnemosyne for 9 nights atop Mt. Pieria, and a little while after, she gave birth to the Muses. They were popular on Mt. Olympus, and always brought relief from worries and concerns wherever they went. They liked to hang-out ont Mt. Parnassus and Mt. Helicon.

Name: Muse of:  
Calliope Epic Poetry / Eloquence Calliope is the oldest muse, and has the best singing voice among them. She loves to write also, and carries a stylus and tablets. Her name means "fine voice" in Greek.
Clio History Her name means "glory" in Greek. Artists usually show her holding a parchment because she also loves to write things down, a trumpet because she loves to proclaim things, and wearing a laurel wreath because she is often associated with the god Apollo.
Erato Love / Erotic Poetry She loves to play the lyre, and goes hunting with her bow. Erato often puts myrtle flowers and roses in her hair because, like her name implies, she is in love with love!
Euterpe Lyric Poetry / Flue Playing She loves to play the flute, and is so enchanting with her music that most mortals can't help but falling in love with her. Her name means "she who makes herself loved." She too loves to wear flowers in her hair.
Melpomene Tragedy Her name means "to sing". She really likes Greek tragedies, and is often seen holding a a sceptre or dagger dripping with blood.
Polyhymnia Sacred Poetry / Hymns / Geometry Her name means "many songs remembered". Like Erato she loves to wear things in her hair, but Polyhymnia prefers pearls and small flowers. Her favorite dress color is white.
Terpsichore Dancing She can most often be found playing the harp on top of Mount Parnassus, where the muses spend most of their time. Her name means "she who loves to dance".
Thalia Comedy Her name means "to bloom". She often wears an ivy garland and a comedic theatre mask. She is always happy.
Urania Astronomy She got her name because she spent way to many hours visiting with the old sky god, Ouranos. Her favorite accessories include a celestial sphere and a bar.