The Olympians

Greek Name Roman Name Symbol God/Goddess of
Aphrodite Venus, Cytherea Dove, Swan, Sparrow Love, Beauty
Apollo Phoebus, Apollo Bow, Lyre, Dolphin, Laurel Music, Poetry, Archery, Light, the Sun, Truth, Healing, Prophecy, Pestilence, Athletes
Ares Mars Vulture, Dog War, Bloodshed
Artemis Diana, Cynthia Stag, Moon Hunting, the Moon, Children
Athena Pallas, Minerva Owl, Shield, Olive Branch Wisdom, Strategic War, Arts, Crafts, The City
Demeter Ceres Grain Farming, Agriculture, Plants
Dionysus Bacchus, Liber Grapes, Wine Wine, the Vine
Hades Pluto, Dis Helmet, Jewels the Dead, Wealth-- King of the Underworld
Hera Juno Peacock, Cow, Pomegranate Marriage, Women, Childbirth-- Queen of the Gods
Hermes Mercury Wand, Sandals Motion, Sleep & Dreams, Commerce, Thieves, Travelers, Shepherds
Hestia Vesta Fire Virgins, the Hearth
Hephaestus Vulcan, Mulciber Fire, Hammer Craftsmen, the Forge
Poseidon Neptune Bulls, Horses, Trident the Sea, Horses, Bulls-- King of the Seas
Zeus Jupiter, Jove Eagle, Oak, Lightning The Sky, Weather-- The King of the Gods

Okay. I admit it. I have more than 12 Olympians. There are some descrepencies about which gods are Olympians and which aren't, so I have listed the 14 most likely contenders.