Other Deities

The first thing you have to realize about the Greek pantheon is that most of the mythological figures were not true gods, but representations / personifications of ideas, states of being, and emotions. The Romans took this in a different way--they combined Greek gods-- such as Athena Nike to represent different aspects of their gods. A word in quotation marks is the ideal that particular god represents.

Greek Name Roman Name Deity / Personification of Gender
Aeacus ? Underworld Judge Male
Aeolus ? Keeper of the Winds Male
Aether ? "Light of the Heavens" ?
Arete ? Virtue Female
Arisrtaeus ? Shepherds / Agriculture ?
Anteros ? Passion / Mutual Love / Tenderness -- Avenger of slighted love Male
Asclepius Asculepius Healing / Medicine Male
Ate ? Recklessness, Rashness, Infatuation, Impulses Female
Bia ? "Violence" Female
Charon ? Underworld ferryman Male
Chloris Flora Flowers and Spring Female
Cratos ? "Force" / "Strength" Male
Deimos ? "Terror" (companion of Ares) Male
Eileithyia Lucina Childbirth Female
Electra ? "Gleaming" Female
Enyo Bellona War Female
Eos Aurora "The Dawn" Female
Eris Discordia "Strife" Female
Eros Cupid Erotic Love Male
Gaia Terra "The Earth" Female
Ganymede ? Cup-bearer of the gods Male
Harmonia ? ? Female
Hebe ? Youth Female
Hecate ? Black Magic / Crossroads Female
Helios Sol "The Sun" Male
Hemera ? "Day" Female
Hesperus Lucifer "The Evening Star" Male
Hmeros ? Love's Longing Male
Hymen ? Marriage (male figure) Male
Hypnus Somnus Sleep Male
Irene Pax Peace Female
Iris ? Rainbow Female
Leto Latona Mother of Apollo and Artemis Female
Leucothea ? Brooks / Fountians Female
Metis Prudence Prudence --mother of Athena Female
Minos ? Underworld Judge Male
Momus ? "Blame" "Fault" Male
Morpheus ? "Sleep" Male
Nemesis ? Divine Retribution Female
Nike Victoria Victory Female
Ouranos Coelus "The Heavens" Male
Palaemon Portunus Sea divinity Male
Pan Faunus Nature / Open Spaces Male
Peleus ? Underworld Judge Male
Persephone Proserpina / Kore Queen of the Underworld Female
Pheme Fama fame Female
Phobos ? Fear (companion of Ares) Male
Pontus ? "The Seas" Male
Priapus Lutinus Fertility and Energetic Potency Male
Proteus ? "Old man of the sea" --could change his shape Male
Selene Luna "The Moon" Female
Silenus ? Forests Male
Tartarus Orcus "part of the Underworld" Male
Thanatos Mors "Death" Male
Thaumas ? "Marvel" -- father of the Harpies and Iris Male
Tyche Fortuna Luck Female
Zelus ? Ardour Male