All Shows Quiz

1. What is the name of Hercules' cousin from Parthis?
 a) Klonus
 b) Iloran
 c) Rena
 d) Lilith

2. Where is Gabrielle from?
 a) Poteidaia
 b) Corinth
 c) Amphipolis
 d) Athens

3. Who is the leader of the Telequar amazons?
 a) Alcmene
 b) Velaska
 c) Ephiny
 d) Cyane

4. How many children did Hercules have with Deianeira?
 a) None
 b) Two
 c) Three
 d) Six

5. Who was Gabrielle's childhood hero?
 a) Meleager
 b) Ajax
 c) Homer
 d) Achilles

6. Who killed Castor?
 a) Pollux
 b) Hercules
 c) Lucius
 d) Ares

7. Who is not one of Hercules' half brothers?
 a) Lucius
 b) Ares
 c) Iphicles
 d) Fatuus

8. What is the occupation of Iolaus' step-father?
 a) Warrior
 b) Poet
 c) Teacher
 d) Warlord

9. Who did Joxer marry?
 a) Meg
 b) Diana
 c) Livia
 d) nobody

10. Which city is/was Jason the king of?
 a) Athens
 b) Corinth
 c) Thebes
 d) Argos

>11. Which character is *not* played by Nathaniel Lees?
 a) Blue Priest
 b) Theseus
 c) Manus
 d) Cheiron

12. Which pantheon has Hercules not dealt with?
 a) Chinese
 b) Sumerian
 c) Celtic
 d) Norse

13. Who is known as "fiddle-face"?
 a) Ophistus
 b) Cheiron
 c) Iolaus
 d) Feducius

15. What colour is the Chronos Stone?
 a) Blue
 b) Red
 c) Green
 d) Clear

16. Who has not played Hercules?
 a) Kevin Sorbo
 b) Kevin Smith
 c) Ian Bohen
 d) Ryan Gosling

17. Who is the Hestial virgin?
 a) Meg
 b) Leah
 c) Diana
 d) Xena

18. Besides Joxer, who else is known as "The Mighty"?
 a) Autolycus
 b) Iolaus
 c) Hercules
 d) Meleager

19. Who killed Strife?
 a) nobody
 b) Ares
 c) Callisto
 d) Hercules

20. What is the name of Jason's chief aide/advisor?
 a) Ophistus
 b) Cheiron
 c) Lucius
 d) Fiducius

BONUS: Bruce Campbell played the title characters on which TV Shows?
 a) The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. & Jack of All Trades
 b) The New Adventures of Superman & The New Adventures of Robin Hood
 c) The Adventures of Sinbad & The Six Million Dollar Man
 d) Buck Rogers in the 25th Century & Jack of All Trades